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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Recipe for Peanut Butter fudge.

For starters I've got to tell you that I am not one of the "wonderful-cook-grannies" I have a few specialties that are pretty good if I do say so myself. But I haven't earned a reputation for making all these wonderful things that grandmothers are supposed to be able to make.

In fact, I sometimes have to call my son (who is a gourmet cook) and ask him what to do, or where did I go wrong.

But this stuff is flawless. Easy. Fast. No-boiling-on-the-stove-until-the-exact-moment-of-perfection-flawless! All you have to do is follow directions. But they're so e-a-s-y.


1 lb box of powdered sugar
2 TBS butter
1/3 cup milk
1 cup creamy  peanut butter
1 cup (more or less) pecans. (optional)


Dump sugar, butter, and milk into a mixing bowl. - DON'T MIX
Micro the above on high for 2 minutes
Beat well until combined.
Micro for 30 more seconds.
Add peanut butter, and mix well until completely combined. (This would be when to add the pecans.)
Spread in glass baking dish and let cool.

That's it! It takes about 15 minutes, max. And it's every bit as delicious as the tough-to-make stuff.

Next batch I'm going to drop it by tablespoons-full on a pizza pan instead of spreading it in a pan. And wrap the pieces. It might slow down our consumption. But then again, maybe not.

And remember - gluttony is a sin. Bwahaha

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