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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Devilish Dilemma

I'm in a real quandry. I love my little blog site. But it has been fighting me, tooth and nail of late. I've had countless people tell me they were unable to sign up as "followers." And two of my original followers have been dropped. From time to time they will appear for "role call", but as a rule, they're somewhere out there in cyber-land, floating around, looking for "The Battle is Real."

They've changed the way I can post, and it's no longer possible to cut-and-paste an article or excerpt. I have to type everything out. It used to be so easy to work on a post in a document file, then transfer it over when it was ready. But that's a thing of the past.

Since "Handful of Demons" is slated for publication in August/Sept of this year, I think it's past time I get my author's website up and running. I can say and do all the things there that I could do on this blog (except I couldn't have that neat "old-building" background). And my time is so crunched, I don't know if I can find the time to tend to both. (Obviously, I've been neglecting the blog pretty badly already.)

The actual nuts and bolts of publication are very time consuming and draining. I've proofed "Demons" so many times, I bet I could recite it by heart. (All 300 pages) And next week it's on its way to a professional proof-reader. If he finds very much wrong, it's going to be very deflating. :-)

The front cover is finished . . . you've seen it . . . and it's time to get the back cover and spine nailed down.

But I digress . . .

I don't want to be a disappointment to anyone, and I know there are some out there who actually read "The Battle is Real" (Oh yes, I keep a close watch on the view counter!) I'd love to get some comments from you, letting me know if you'd visit my author website if I moved over there. Especially if I can get one set up that has a blog page . . . okay?