Get out your favorite version of the Holy Scriptures and turn to 2 Chronicles 7:14

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable.

A few weeks ago I announced I had not been recognizant enough of the third commandment. I worked on Sundays just like any other day. I promised to change my ways and rest on the Sabbath as we’ve all been instructed to do by the Lord.

I’ve been true to my promise. What a blessing. Sunday morning, I awakened and thanked the Lord for another day. Then on my way to the coffee pot I was greeted by the mess on my desk and was immediately brought down by the pressures of always being behind in my work load. Until it dawned on me. It was Sunday! Yay!

A Lord-imposed day of rest. Yes, He knew what He was doing when he gave us the third commandment. I was able to close my eyes to the mess, ignore the nagging feeling I should be doing something, and simply enjoy the day.

One of the things that plagues me when I'm working to get caught up is my inability to stay current with this blog. So I decided to list my duties (and blessings) in this life, as I see them.

Here’s what I came up with. I am:
A child of God. Wife and mother. Grandmother and great-grandmother. Friend. Caretaker of God's creatures (animal lover and rehabber). Author. Editor. Publisher. And blog mistress.
Not surprisingly, the ”hats” I wear came to me in order of their importance in my life. The first four pertain to my relationship with God and man. The fifth is an undeniable, God-given facet of my personality that won’t allow me to pass up a creature in need. Six through ten are my “jobs” in this stage of my life.

I’ve been many things. A grocery-store clerk, secretary, office manager, bookkeeper, instructor, clocksmith, free-lance writer, church pianist, co-worship leader, and pastor’s wife (the hardest job of all). My latest (and probably final) career is that of a published author, with all the trimmings that come with the territory.

You may have noticed that “Blog Mistress” is the last item on my list of priorities.

My first publisher told me that joining FaceBook and writing a blog were part of the territory. She made participation in these things a part of my publishing contract. As for me, I’m not so sure of the value of Social Networking. But at the time, I had no choice. Keeping up with the postings of hundreds of people whom I hardly know and getting involved in threads of conversation that take on a life of their own were taking up a large portion of my busy day . . . until recently.

In addition to the actual time spent, research has shown that it takes 20-25 minutes for a writer to recapture his/her train of thought once interrupted. If that’s true (and I believe it), two interruptions an hour could render a writer practically useless. 

Remember—God, family, and animals were higher on my priority list than my “jobs.” But I do ask my family to not interrupt me when I’m writing, except for urgent matters . . . or the appearance of one of my rescue-squirrels.  And I have to make an exception when one of the grandkids has a question about God. (I think they’ve figured this out . . . so even a request for a cookie will in some manner relate to God.)

I feel called by God to write novels that wake people up to the wiles of Satan and his demons, while at the same time glorifying the Lord. Mortal love is to be the catalyst that brings it all together. I’m doing this to the best of my ability. But the other obligations set by my publisher had slowed me down considerably. Was I being true to my calling by putting precious time into FaceBook that could be devoted to writing?

Could addiction to Social Networking be just another way Satan detracts us from serving? Hmmm.

A close friend in the publishing industry, who does not belong to FaceBook and seldom posts in her blog, told me the way to become well-known as an author is not by Social Networking, but by writing really good novels, having them produced as professional-appearing books, and to keep them coming. I’m opting to try it her way.

I’ll stay in FaceBook, not as a means to sell books, but because I’ve made some really great friends that I don’t want to lose track of. And I’ll continue to maintain my blog, not in an attempt to collect “fans”, but because—from time to time—God gives me something important to say. And I need a soap box from which to shout it.

Who listens will be strictly up to God.

In the future my blogs posts will be infrequent. L.O.L. Come to think of it, they already are! But from now on, the infrequency will be intentional, and I won’t be stressed-out because of it. If any of you . . . my faithful readers . . . want to receive an email notice of a new blog post, leave a comment with your email address, and I’ll be sure you’re notified.

Are you doing your best in everything God has asked of you? If not, could it be because you have your  priorities mixed up? Take a minute to prioritize your “jobs.” Eliminate those which make you less effective for God. (The ones Satan would have you put first.)

Because the Battle is Real!