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Thursday, October 25, 2012

What Constitutes a "Christian Nation"?

What is a nation but a family brought together by their mutual citizenship?  And their country is their home.

So, let's start with a home. What constitutes a Christian home?

Simple. A man and a woman who determine they and their children will live by Christian standards, and follow through, have founded a Christian home.

If they are deeply caring Christians, they may invite others into their home. Especially those who are in dire need. "Tired, poor, wretched" to quote our great Lady Liberty. They won't turn someone away because they're of a different faith. They'll feed them, clothe them, and help them get on their feet.

It may even come to a point where their "guests" become permanent residents in their home. They may be sheltering a Muslim . . . a Jew . . . or an athiest. At this point, are they required to say "Our home is no longer a Christian home. We are multi-cultural now."?

Absolutely not. It's still a Christian home. A stronger, more evident Christian home by their generous deeds.

America was founded, in much the same way as the above Christian home . . . with Christ on the lips of our Forefathers even as they forged our the Constitution of the United States of America. Founded is the noteworthy word in this concept. Christianity is our foundation! You can't strip a home, a house, a building, an organization, or a nation of it's foundation without tearing the whole thing down.

Does anyone have the right to deny - thereby strip - us of our foundation by announcing to the world that we're no longer a Christian nation? Can one man make this determination because he doesn't understand the principles of integrity? Can he throw out what our forefathers built because he desires a different kind of nation? One that's like the rest of the world.

America has never been like the rest of the world. America is exceptional. The reason it's exceptional is because it was founded on Christian beliefs. If we're going to stay exceptional we must adhere to God's principles. How can we expect Him to bless our nation when we continue to deny Him?

I'm not suggesting throwing out everyone who isn't a Christian. Our heart is big enough to make room for every legal immigrant. Even every American-born athiest. But they, and the world, need to understand . . . we cannot exist if we remove our foundation. The freedoms and bountiful blessings we all enjoy will go up in a puff of smoke without God's mercy.

We will be - like a building with it's foundation removed - a pile of rubble. 

Satan would like to see America in ruins.

But our God is greater than Satan.

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