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Sunday, September 2, 2012

What a Difference Sixty Years Make

My husband was going through his book collection the other day and discovered an old Dallas High School study course, Circa 1952.

Sixty years ago. What a difference sixty years make. The study course? Old Testament!

Now our teachers aren't allowed to mention God or Christ in our public schools. I guess it wouldn't do for me to be a teacher, because I'd stay awake nights trying to figure out ways to sneak His Holy name into discussions. I'd probably spend more time in the principal's office than the meanest kid in class. (And be looking for a job at McDonald's by the second week.)

Though long since out of high school, I've been studying the book. Pretty interesting stuff. Maybe a little dry compared to what I experience every week in my church, because our pastor obviously spends a great deal of time in the word. As does my husband. (There's nothing that makes a man more manly, or more desirable as a mate, than spending time in the word.) If any of my readers are single ladies . . . I hope you'll take that advice to heart. As I recently read: "Single women should hold God so close to their hearts that a man has to go through Him to get to her."

But to get back to the study course, if I may qutoe: "The book of Job is generally considered one of the great literary masterpieces of the world. Tennyson pronounced it 'the greatest poem whether of ancient or modern time.' Carlyle said of it, 'There is nothing written in the Bible or out of it of equal literary merit.'"

I'd never looked at Job through such eyes. Perhaps it's time I go back to read the book again. Join me, and see if you agree with these literary greats. We'll talk about Job more later.

Until then, take this piece of advice from Brother Lee. Fall asleep at night with Jesus on your mind, and you'll wake up in the morning singing to Him. I can vouch for that!

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