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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's not your mother's wheat!

I read a startling article the other day. Then saw the same info on TV, which makes me believe there may be some truth to it. Two sources are usually better than one. Not always . . .

It seems that over the years, scientists have changed the molecular structure of wheat in order to increase productivity. Unfortunately, the changes have made the wheat (literally) poison to some of us. The possible long term effects of eating today's wheat are: Crohn's disease, IBS, Diabetes, and even arthritis, to name a few.

How can it be that changes are made to our most basic needs without our permission or knowledge?

The TV anchor asked the doctor being interviewed if it was possible to go back to our "old" wheat, or if it had been lost in the process. The doctor stated that it would be possible, but unlikely, since any farmer going back to the old "stuff" would lose about one-third of his profits.

The doctor went on to say that elimination of all wheat products in their diet is ridding a lot of people of the above named diseases. But, for obvious reasons, this fact is not being made public.

Isn't that special? Farmers are producing wheat that is not good for our overall health. Possibly not even aware that they're doing so. Yet in spite of increased productivity, the price keeps going up. The medical profession is telling us it's an essential part of our nutrition, And a lot of people are getting sick because of it. But the trend cannot be reversed . . . because of greed.

Friends, we are in trouble.

There are a few whistle blowers our there who are willing to put their reputations on the line to make stories like this known. But the sad part is, of the few that listen, most don't believe - and the rest soon forget. I, for one, have cut most wheat from my diet. (I have a love affair with corn tortillas going on . . . until I find out corn, too is effected.) However, the doctor did say wheat was the only grain effected to date - to his knowledge.

I listened to the advice of another whistle-blower - a pharmacist - about six months ago whose advice went against all common knowledge in the field of gastrointestinal expertise. I figured I couldn't do any worse than I was doing under a doctor's care. Guess what! His advice was right on. 

Scientific "discoveries" are taking place right under our noses, without our knowledge. I read a book some twenty years ago, written by a man who was at one time a high muckledy-muck with a major producer of breakfast cereals. It was his job to see if the minute changes in the manufacture of the cereal were noticable to the public. Each subtle change was not. But over a period of fifteen years or so, the product had been changed so much it couldn't be recognized as the same product by those in the know. And with the gradual elimination of nature's pure products, in favor of man-made money-saving products, the health benefits of the cereal were GONE.

Greed. One of Satan's finest inventions. And one of mankind's most easily acquired tastes.

What is the solution to the question of the mutated wheat? The doctor suggested avoiding wheat, and eating REAL foods. Avocado (no argument from me there.), eggs, chicken, lean beef, fruits, and lots of veggies. Substitute other grains (as I have corn), and enjoy wholesome dairy.

He even suggested "full-fat" cheese. In moderation, of course.

Moderation. Some of God's finest advice. And one of mankind's most most easily ignored suggestions.

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