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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Two Things I Hate

Recently, (since Dave Cathey took a stand), I'm getting involved in arguments about same-sex marriage. And I find myself getting angry. My pastor said from the pulpit this morning there is no room in a spirit-filled life for anger. I don't know if I agree with him on that. Even Jesus got angry at the money-changers and merchants, because they were defiling the temple.

A popular saying is: "God is Love." That He is. But even the most well-meaning people tend to get confused and begin spouting a "Love is god" doctrine. There's a tremendous difference in meaning when you switch those two words around.

One lady asked "What difference does it make what gender people are if they love one another?" It makes a big difference, because my God called homosexuality an abomination.

However, when I quote from God's word to bring home a point to the "Love is god" team, they drop out, never to be heard from again. They're willing to accept man's explanation of what Christianity should be, but not the word of our Holy Father. Or they waffle off into some pseudo-spiritual mumbo jumbo and it becomes like arguing with a two year old.

Political correctness should not be confused with kindness. Kindness comes from the heart. PC is a manipulative tool of the Devil. And it's here that I get into trouble every time. It seems I have no right to quote the Creator if what He said is not politically correct. News flash! God doesn't give a hoot about political correctness. He cares about truth. And I don't give a hoot about political correctness. I care about pleasing Him.

To please Him, I'm required to love.That's right . . . love . . . sinners. No problem, in my lifetime I've known and loved quite a few people who were sinners. I'd hope others feel the same about me when I'm out of God's will.

But He does not require me to love the sin. Quite the contrary, I am to pray for the sinner but hate the sin. How could I ever hope to escape Satan's clutches if I didn't learn to hate sin.

And there's that word. The one with which we are being blugeoned by the media on a daily basis. Hate. If we don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle, according to the media, we hate the homosexuals. How did this happen? To quote my friend Ellen Kennedy, when did the word "hate" replace the word "disagree?"

I hate only two things in life . . . sin (not the sinner) and the perpetrator of all sin, known as Satan. I cry for the misinformed, the ignorant, and the brain-washed who consider me a hater because I try to live by God's Holy word. And please note . . . I said I try.

Who do you think is stirring up the misunderstanding and hatred the has beset our people? Who came up with the idea of political correctness in place of honesty? Who laughes his ugly head off when one of God's people decides that the world leaders know more than the Heavenly Father?

 Three quesses.

The battle is real!

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Ellen Kennedy said...

I'm honored, Lynne! And I agree with every word.