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Monday, January 2, 2012

The "Debil" Made Me Do It!

Remember Flip Wilson? Pretty funny routine. But, truth be known, the devil doesn't make us do anything. All he can do is make suggestions. Recall Jesus' exchange with Satan after forty days in the wilderness. Satan had all sorts of suggestions for how Jesus could bring glory to Himself. But Jesus resisted him.

And that's what He asks of us. "Resist the devil and he will flee from you." But the "debil" relentlessly makes suggestions on how we can glorify ourselves, and oftentimes, we simply can't resist. We jump on his bandwagon like "a duck on a June bug" as my mother used to say.

It's always been my belief that ALL sin stems from self-love. Self centeredness, if you will. Bringing out our self-centeredness is Satan's specialty. Which is why the Word implores us to "die to self."

To make my point, let's start with gossip. People lift themselves up by putting others down. At the same time making themselves feel important by knowing something that someone else didn't know. People steal to enrich themselves (with the notable exception of Robin Hood :-). People murder either for financial gain, or because it serves some other purpose of enrichment. Always the perpetrator is looking to make some sort of personal gain, with no thought to others. Even if it's only to rid themselves of a nuisance.

A grudge is a form of self-love. Clinging to anger because in some way the holder of the grudge has been wronged. And this is unacceptable to self.

Some lie to keep their own precious selves in good stead. Or to improve their situation in some manner. Others cheat to make themselves look better, or gain a prize or some sort. There is corruption in high places as a result of self-interest. Elected officials or trusted employees thinking only of the "Big I."

Unfaithful spouses are concerned only with their own pleasure. They're able to close their eyes to vows and hearts broken in order to be satisfied.

A few years back, one of Satan's favorite axioms became a popular saying, "If it feels good, do it!"

All around us there are dupes of the devil, who believe his lies that they will be glorified (or satisfied) if they follow his suggestions. And you know what? Lots of times, they are! Temporarily. Too bad they didn't read to the end of The Book.

The battle is real!

If you disagree and know a sin that doesn't originate with self-love, I'd like to hear your comment.

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