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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Summer of 2011

By my total page view indicator, at least 54 people have viewed this blog since July, only to find it had been abandoned.

It was in July that God blessed me by answering one of the most pressing requests I'd ever laid at His feet. He gave me exactly what I'd been praying earnestly for . . . for many months. I was on cloud nine, and praising Him with all my might.

Satan hates a happy Christian. Did you know that? I guess I'd forgotten that little fact, because I was kind of surprised when my bothersome, nagging cough suddenly turned into a debilitating illness. I was afraid to leave the house for fear I'd have a major coughing attack and collapse in a public place. I couldn't sleep at night. I couldn't even sit at my computer and write a blog. I was downing cough drops like popcorn, until they became ineffectual. Three doctor visits over six weeks brought no improvement. The demon of fear even poked it's ugly head into the picture.

It was about then that I received a major blow from my publisher. Through no fault of my own, my debut novel would not be published as a paperback book as contracted. It would be e-published. Because I'd promised many people (probably hundreds) that it would be available "on the bookstore shelves" next year, this deviation from the contract was devistating to my pride, my credibility . . . my very soul.

Rightly or not, on the advise of several friends in the industry, I quietly opted out of the contract without causing a fuss. But my heart lay sodden in my chest and I lost all interest in even trying. I dropped out of FaceBook, never once clicked on my blog, and even got off internet for a while.

Then several serious financial issues arose involving loved ones, which I won't relate lest I break a trust. Suffice it to say, the summer and early fall of 2011 broke my heart and my spirit.

I've said all that to say this: Satan doesn't want my books to be published. They give God all the glory and expose the devil and his imps for what they really are.

But God is faithful. Another publisher has expressed an interest in my novels. And I just found out that two of my short stories and several of my poems are slated for publication. Glory be to God.  He will always be victorious. Satan never has . . . and never will . . . win a battle against our God.

In every story there is a turning point. And I'd like to relate to you where the breakthrough came for me.

I have my best times with the Lord early in the morning, before the world starts making its demands on me. At my lowest ebb I awoke one morning with tears in my eyes and the Lord's name on my lips. I confessed to Him that I didn't know where to go from here. I felt like I was at the end of my rope. "Help me," I cried. "Help me climb out of this pit of despair."

A song popped into my mind. A secular love song, of all things. A favorite of mine from childhood. Most of my younger friends have probably never heard it. I laid in bed and delved into my mind to bring forth the words. When I did, I realized God can use even a secular song to comfort a broken-hearted child. They were His words of choice to me, in my hour of distress.

The name of the song is "Always" And the words go like this:

I'll be loving you, always. With a love that's true, always.
Things don't go as planned? Need a helping hand?
I will understand, always . . . always.

Days may not be fair, always. That's when I'll be there, always.
Not for just an hour. Not for just a day. Not for just a year.
But always.


Susan Lohrer said...

Oh, Lynne. You're so quiet when you need your friends the most. {{hugs}} I know this year has been hard for you, and yet you've been so inspiring to me, all the way through it. You're a strong lady.

The blog's new look is lovely.

Peggy Blann Phifer said...

Ah, Lynne, it's good to have you back. I, too, broke my contract with the very same publisher for the very same reason. My book is now being edited by a professional for simultaneous ebook and print. I'm excited.

As to your song, it brought instant tears to my eyes. That very song was sung at my mom & dad's wedding and every year after that at each anniversary. It has special meaning to me.

Welcome back to blogdom. I like your new digs :

Love you!

Peggy Blann Phifer said...

Oh, I meant to say you can take a peek at my book blurb at and click on the book cover on the left sidebar. :)

Linda Yezak said...

Lynne--I've missed you so much! I've been so worried about you. Glad to have you back, and so glad you have a new publisher.

*Always* is one of my favorites. What a precious time for it to pop into your head!

Gary Lee Langston said...

Wow Lynne, what a beautiful page, thank you sending it. God is blessing you "Big Time"...

Valleta Lanier said...

So proud of you for not allowing the enemy to rob you of your God given destiny... the world needs to hear what comes from your pen. Gary will be so honored to know you are using the title of his song! THE BATTLE IS REAL and Believers are being beaten down because they are not sure about what is happening to them. Your voice is another powerful God force to help others. Love you dearly!

Lynne said...

Susan - I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my problems. I know you'd have prayed for me. I still have a little problem with my "private person" personality. But I'm working on it. You are precious to me. And your cyber hugs mean more that I can say.

Lynne said...

Peg - I'm so sorry you had to go through it, too. It was heartbreaking to me, after several years of working and planning. But I'm proud you got right back up in the saddle. I will definitely check out your book blurb. When will you book be out? Love.

Lynne said...

Linda - I missed you, too. I'm glad the feeling was mutual. I know you've had a hard 2011. God bless you and Billy. Thanks for thinking of me.

Lynne said...

Gary - Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I miss seeing you. At least we used to run into each other once in awhile! Are you back in OK? And thanks, good friend for keeping me in your prayer loop.

Lynne said...

Valleta - Yay, I figured out how to leave a comment. :-) Thank you, my precious friend, for your words of encouragement. You and that husband of yours occupy a very special place in our hearts and memories. Oh what I would give to sit under your teaching one more time.

Anonymous said...

Lynne, I had missed you on Facebook, and wondered what happened. I'm so glad you are seeing the end of the tunnel.
That song is really meaningful to me, because it meant a lot to my mother and dad. Irving Berlin wrote it for his wife, you know.
How amazingly it becomes a song about our Lord!
Blessings, Ellen K.

Lynne said...

Ellen - No, I didn't know he'd written it for his wife. Makes it even better for me, knowing their relationship was already "cemented" and love songs still came forth. I thought it was pretty amazing that the Lord would speak to me that way. Wow, I can't get it out of my head now. I walk around all day singing it, and remembering that it came from the Lord. (Non-stop worship) Yay! Been missing your little posts on FB. Glad to be back.