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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mighty Women of God

I've been blessed with the friendship of many mighty women of God. And with the opportunity to sit under three of them, in particular, as they taught on spiritual warfare. One has gone to be with the Lord, another I'm currently unable to locate, but if I never find her again on this earth, I know I'll see her and hug her in Glory. The third is alive and well, and ministering in Southeast Oklahoma. Thank You, Lord for these women.

One of the three was holding an evening meeting in the church my husband and I pastored. She was a petite lady in her early seventies. Now, any time any one of us dares to publically expose Satan for what he is, we are inviting his wrath. This brave little lady called him foolish. She berated him in every way and said "I laugh at you, Satan, because you are a fool."

And then, she threw her head back and laughed, loud and long. She invited all the ladies in attendance to join her in a hearty laugh at Satan's expense. The sanctuary was filled with boisterous noise . . . but not joyous laughter. In fact it had a hollow, eerie sound. I'll never forget the chill that went down my spine as I listened.

Satan was enraged. And I became engulfed in spiritual darkness.

Her ensuing message was very informative and well received. And the cloud that hung over my spirit eventually lifted, although it never completely dissipated. We had fellowship afterward, and then she prepared to leave.

I was talking with a group of visitors and she, with help from others, was carrying her equipment down the church steps when I heard a scream from outside. Running to the door, I saw this sweet woman of God lying in the grass to the side of the steps. She was conscious—but injured.

While we waited for the ambulance to arrive she told us she had not lost her footing . . . which would most likely have caused her to tumble down the stairs. Instead it felt as though she'd been pushed from behind, and over the side. There was no one behind her on the stairs.

Others, standing at the bottom of the steps, confirmed she'd not stumbled like one might expect, but her feet appeared to have lifted from the steps before she plunged sideways.

She suffered a broken wrist and bruised ribs. Being the trouper she was, it wasn't long before she was driving her car, headed back to church. Several of us were in the church building, milling around, talking and drinking coffee . . . waiting for service to start.

We heard a loud crash.

This soldier of God, so loved by the Lord and so hated by Satan was making a legal turn into the church driveway (her first visit since that fateful night) when the car behind her plowed into the back of her vehicle. The other driver claimed to have not even seen her car in front of him until they collided. We thanked God that our little warrior was not seriously injured.

Was Satan behind these attacks? I know what I believe, but we may never know for sure. But this I do know for a fact. As we pray for others, we should also pray for ourselves. Daily, build a hedge of protection around yourself as you go about doing God's will. Never forget to use the words . . . "In Jesus' name."

J-e-s-u-s spells d-e-f-e-a-t to Satan.

And keep fighting the good fight.

Because the battle is real.

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