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Sunday, August 12, 2012

God doesn't take sides!

Assuming the guest speaker in our church this morning had his facts straight . . . I found out a few things that should make us all sit up and take notice.

According to the Quran, Allah has never forgiven Eve for her sin. And women are the essence of evil, which is why they must walk ten steps behind their husbands. The only way a woman can make it to Heaven is if her husband will vouch for her and tell Allah she's been a good and faithful wife, and the husband would like for her to be accepted into Heaven.

And the word "Love" is found only one time.

Compare this with the teachings of our Holy Bible. Our God is a forgiving, loving Creator. And He certainly doesn't need us to tell Him how another individual has behaved. He is omnipotent and omnipresent.

And He is Love personified.

Keep your eyes on Jesus. If the things you see and hear don't line up to His word. they have no place in your life. And don't ever ask if God is on your side. God doesn't take sides. Just be sure you're on His side.

You need his never-failing protection. Because the battle is real.

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Gary Lee Langston said...

What a wonderful testimony Lynne....Praise The Lord. Miracles still happen everyday, more today than ever before.