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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Old Aphorisms That Should Be Trashed, Part 1

"Let your conscience be your guide." NOT!

It's been a bad day. Look the other way. Let someone else do his share.

Yes, Satan works 24/7 to sear over our conscience. On any given day, he may have had some degree of success. Sure, we'll get back with the Lord and clear things up . . . but what about the decisions we make while we're still partially "disabled?"

Then there's the old "I'm not hurting anyone but myself" line. Excuse me, but have we considered Jesus? Are we sure our actions aren't hurting Him?

We're in a battle for our very souls, and God has given us the blueprint to follow. No, the old axiom should be "Let the Word be your guide."

Because, the battle is real.

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